Thankfully we now have a little more information about how teacher-based assessments may work this summer and so we have 3 top tips for you to ensure you get the best grades.

Top tip 1: Make sure you speak to your teacher

It’s important you chat with your teacher about how you will be assessed.

This way you will have a better understanding of how they are going to award grades so that you can ensure you’re preparing in the best possible way. This may vary between subjects so make sure you speak to each of your teachers if necessary.

For example, we know that some schools are planning to give more weighting to exam-style papers rather than assessment. 25% of schools have said they are going to give equal weighting to all assessment methods, but the majority of schools have said they are going to use partial exam-style questions completed in shorter time periods.

It’s important to be aware that your school or college can choose how they assess you.

Top tip 2: Check Your School Syllabus

You can only be assessed on material that’s been taught by your teacher and so the best way to check exactly what has been taught is to check the syllabus and make sure you haven’t missed anything due to being absent or home learning. In addition, this will help give you a study guide as you’ll have a clear outline of what you’ll be assessed on.

If you feel there is something you have missed or you’re struggling with then you may need to consider additional tutoring to fill in the gaps.

Top tip 3: Use Exam Board Materials

Exam boards have openly shared materials that you can use to practice for your grade assessment. Such as question packs, previous papers, and other materials that will help you study and prepare.

Access to the materials:

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