Universities use your score in many different ways and so this can impact which universities you choose to apply for.

Some universities will only shortlist candidates who meet a cut-off UCAT score. Other universities will weigh up your score alongside your personal statement.

We recommend you check directly with the university to best understand how your UCAT score is used once you establish which you would like to apply for.

University of Aberdeen

Your UCAT score is considered in the selection for an interview as well as your predicted and actual academic achievement.

Aberdeen allocates a score based on the result from the four subtests: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Decision Making. The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) will not be scored, but it may be used in offer-making when there are candidates with similar scores.

Anglia Ruskin University

There is no minimum UCAT score. Applicants are ranked by their UCAT score and meeting the main academic entry requirements prior to being invited to an interview day. Those with an SJT score of Band 4 will not be invited to an interview.

Aston University

UCAT is considered along with other required qualifications. There is no specific UCAT or Situational Judgement minimum score threshold.

University of Birmingham

There is no minimum UCAT cut-off score. You will receive an overall score which is a total of the scores for each of the academic and UCAT components.

The weightings are; academic – 60%, UCAT – 40%.

University of Bristol

As long as you have met the minimum academic entry requirements, your application is scored 100% on your UCAT results. This is how candidates are selected for an interview, there is no UCAT cut-off score used.

Cardiff University

Cardiff does not have a minimum threshold score for the UCAT, however, the UCAT score may be used as part of the assessment procedure.

University of Dundee

At Dundee, there is also no minimum cut-off score but your UCAT score will be factored into the pre-interview rank alongside academic capability.

University of East Anglia

There is no minimum cut-off score for the UCAT, however, they do use an academic screening process and so a high UCAT score may be an advantage but a low score in a strong application may also still be considered.

Edge Hill University