You can register for UCAT from 2nd June 2021 and take the test in July, August and September.

The following dates have been confirmed by the UCAT office however they could due to possible COVD-19 restrictions in the UK.

What Does UCAT Cost?

It costs £75 to sit the UCAT in the UK.

Previously it has been cheaper to sit the test early. For example in 2020 tests in July and August cost £55 and tests after that cost £80 however it’s not clear yet as to whether this is the case in 2021.

UCAT Bursary

You can apply for a bursary to cover the cost of the exam fee. See full details here.

How Do I Register For UCAT?

Once UCAT registration opens on June 2, 2021, you’ll have to create an online account. When you register you should:

  • Use your legal name as it shows on your ID

  • Make sure that name matches your UCAS application

  • Answer the registration questionnaire

  • Wait for your password to come via email

You don’t have to book your test date at the same time as you register – you can do this at a later date.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to apply for UCATSEN or other access arrangements, and for a bursary.

If you don’t register before the deadline, you won’t be able to sit the UCAT.

Where Can I Find UCAT Test Centres?

You can usually find UCAT test centres in most UK cities since it’s taken at Pearson Vue centres. International students will be able to find test centres in their home countries, too.

The best way to find your nearest centre is to search on the Test Centre Locator. But before selecting one of the centres, don’t forget to register for the exam.

Which UCAT Test Date Should I Choose?

In previous years, some students preferred to sit an early UCAT test date. This gives you the benefit of freeing up your time up to concentrate on other aspects of the admission process, such as work experience and your grades – and to prepare for the BMAT if you need to.

Others preferred to sit a later UCAT test date to benefit from extra revision and UCAT prep time.

Last year, however, the official advice was to choose an early UCAT test date. That’s because things were so unpredictable with COVID-19 that it was safer to have time to re-take the test if you experienced technical issues.

UCAT told candidates last year: “We strongly recommend that candidates sit their test at their earliest opportunity to ensure they have a valid test result for their university application before testing closes for 2020. If candidates leave testing to the last day(s) of this contingency test period and experience another issue we may struggle to support them with retests and/or the delivery of their results may be delayed.”

This is something you need to factor in when you choose a UCAT test date.

Can I Reschedule My Exam?

If you need to reschedule your exam, you can call Pearson VUE to request this but you cannot make this request over email. It’s important to be aware that the closer you get to the final test date, the fewer available slots there are so it becomes harder to reschedule the test.

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